We’re Nervous, March 17th 2016

We’re Nervous
Loren Bartnicke
Sunyoung Lee
Rachel Fein-Smolinski
Chris Zacher
Curated by Owen Drysdale

This exhibition is a gesture aimed at starting a dialogue between the participants and viewers of the show. An invitation of sorts to consider the particularities of our present and what factors might be involved in that specificity. Its hope is to center discussion on how artists reconcile the sheer amount of images and historical knowledge available to us through information technologies. To use these objects to direct the viewer to a mental process of sifting this data and content for our own purposes and what that can say of our condition. Each attribute of an object has a host of mutable and subjective associations linked to it. The same can be said of an image, word or idea, field of study, mode of thought. But that has to do with someone else. (Yolks on him!) I think of browsing a lot and how that thinking done online is remarkably similar to an athletic “zone” or when we are creating art. It is all flashes. Concept and tone to image-> bodily coordination and back to content again in no particular order, but an order nonetheless. Always these lateral jumps like grass poking from the ground. We know we are getting somewhere when an objective goal has faded from focus and we revel in the intricacies of a metaphor and how it too is expanding.


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